Gut Wrenching Country

by Jay Decay

(free) 01:25


Split with Filthy Luke. Still in production, this is up to preview a few songs. The full album will be up when finished.


released October 31, 2009

Filthy Luke and Jay Decay: All vocals, lyrics, instruments, and technical recording crap.



all rights reserved


Jay Decay

Jay Decay is a folk punk artist from Northern California. After his band O.T.F. fell apart in 2006, he picked up an acoustic guitar and continued doing the same thing, but without the burden of keeping a band together. He has played across the United States both in venues and busking on the street. He has opened for acts such as The Murder Junkies, Bob Wayne, and The Goddamn Gallows. ... more

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Track Name: I'm Not the One (Who'll Say Sorry)
Well, my woman throws me on my ass
when she gets them urges that she has
and I don't think I can take it any more.

This time I'm leaving on my own
I'm gonna pack my things and hit the road
I got my shit now I'm headed out that door

Cause I'm tired of that woman
and I'm tired of her lies
I'm not the one who'll say sorry this time

I don't wanna hear your bullshit
and I don't wanna hear you whine
I'm leaving on my own this time

I yelled "fuck you," as I hit the door
about a quarter mile down it began to pour
so I went and tucked into the nearest bar

I was drunk off my ass when he rain finally stopped
I got butt naked and I punched a cop
now I'm sitting here in the back of a squad car

Now I'm sitting here behind bars
with a couple of guys just'a playing card
and the guard comes in and says "Jay you've got a call."

Well, it's my baby and she's so angry
Said she's bailed me out with the rest of our savings
Now I'm grinnin' and I'm walkin' out these halls.
Track Name: Ode to the Homebum
Well,it's cold outside
and I got no place to go.
I'll sit here all day,
cuz I ain't got no home.

I just do my best
to kill all my time
and I'll roll myself a cigarette
and walk on down that line

with a half fifth of Old Crow
and the blues upon my back
I ain't got nobody to keep my life on track

if the morning frost don't kill me
and I make it through the night
I thank the lord for giving me another day of life

Well it's hard out here
When you're living on the fray
but I like to sing
and get piss drunk all day

I don't want your ass
to buy me no damn food
cuz I know where all the handouts are
and where the gettin's good